Scaling Up Community of Practice Thematic Working Group on agriculture and rural development (ARD)

At the February 2015 scaling up workshop in Arlington, VA, during which we launched the Scaling UP CoP, participants expressed interest not only in a light umbrella CoP on scaling up approaches, issues and lessons in general, but also welcomed the development of sub-groups in specific sectoral or thematic areas.   In its first virtual meeting in July 2015 the ARD WG agreed that the principal area(s) of focus would be agriculture and rural development, defined comprehensively and flexibly (i.e., including public/private activities, investment in ARD infrastructure, rural off-farm activities and employment, etc.); nutrition obviously overlaps with ARD topics, but it has a large scaling up agenda and community and, while we would initially be open to include it, eventually it will likely benefit from its own working group.  

Purpose and possible activities of the Working Group

  • The principal purpose of the WG  is to establish a platform and network of institutions/experts interested in scaling up ARD to allow knowledge exchange and learning, the development of partnerships and participation in each other's activities and events, in the collective pursuit of more effective approaches to scaling up in the ARD space. 
  • Possible activities include sharing best practices through newsletters, meetings, seminars, webinars, blogs, a Web site, etc.; sharing of relevant documentation, incl. publications, case studies, evaluations, and operational tools and guidelines; compiling and sharing inventories of relevant research activities; project visits; participation in training activities; etc.
  • All activities of the WG will be demand driven.


  • Membership in the WG should (for now) is by invitation, but with all relevant institutions and experts interested in scaling up ARD in principle are welcome.